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 Protect the exterior walls of your home from
 wind driven rain that will penetrate into the 
 bricks, mortar and rendered walls with our
 Wall Waterproofing Solution.

Wall Waterproofing Solution

Easy to apply, one coat that seals hairline cracks and dries clear retaining the natural look.

More importantly improves the thermal resistance of the external walls resulting in energy savings and also protects your walls from moisture ingress problems such as;

The appearance of Efflorescence and Vanadium stains that start to appear slowly and spread slowly. The Vanadium stains will go darker and the darker they become the harder they they will be to remove. The Efflorescence will also spread slowly bringing the dissolved salts to the surface where they slowly crystallise and break down the surface of both bricks and mortar.

This is more noticeable on the mortar courses, where you will start to see a heavy build up of the crystallised salts under the fine fluffy efflorescence. Brushing the surface to remove the efflorescence salts you will notice sand particles with the efflorescence, this indicates that the mortar has started fretting and will continue to do so if left untreated. Wall Waterproofing Solution will bind the surface of the mortar joints and stop the deterioration.

On rendered and painted walls moisture can penetrate into the render through the paint, minor cracks on the surface and by wicking up from the sections of render that are below ground. The efflorescence salts form on the surface of the render under the paint and result in fretting of the surface and blistering the paint. The same fretting is occurring on the other side of the wall, visible on a single wall and invisible in a cavity wall.

As long as their is moisture present the fretting will slowly continue, the weakest components of the building will fail first. The more porous  the building material the more moisture it absorbs and the more salts are brought to the surface. The resultant deterioration can occur on the internal and or on the external surfaces.

Applying Wall Waterproofing solution to your external walls will keep them dry and in doing so will improve the thermal resistance of the walls resulting in energy savings. Wind driven rain penetrates into the walls and is transferred through to the cavity, evaporative cooling effect is created as this moisture is evaporated by the air movement in the cavity. This cools the inner wall and slowly the indoor heat is absorbed by the inner wall and drawn into the cavity space.

Wall Waterproofing Solution is a deeply penetrating liquid that prevents wind driven rain from penetrating into masonry materials. It is UV resistant with a 20 year life expectancy and can be applied to both new and weathered walls, mortar and render.

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